My Leo

As a mother, there’s nothing I cherish more than my son’s health and happiness. Though parenting is perhaps the most challenging job in the world, I am grateful every day for my chubby, cheeky and chatty little boy and even on his wildest of days, I know there are families who would move mountains to have longer with their littlest loves.

In early 2018, while cradling my newborn son I was hit with a fresh wave of grief that my beloved grandmother would never meet my darling son. On that day, I decided to fundraise in memory of my loving and always laughing Nanny, Ann.

Having experienced the devastating effect cancer has on not only the individual but also their family, I recognise the importance of funding for cancer research, improving survival rates, providing patient care, promoting prevention and ultimately finding a cure for the most dreaded of all diagnoses. Over the years, I have volunteered for Daffodil Day, hosted Biggest Morning Teas and participated in the Relay for Life, with each experience filling my heart with hope that so many in the community were committed to a cancer free future.

With this hope and passion to work towards a cancer free world for son, I started a Do It For Cancer fundraiser, baking cupcakes and crocheting Easter goodies. By May 2018, Leo & Evelyn – Crochet for a Cause was born with 15% of each sale donated to the Cancer Council.

I’m proud that my creations are made using only natural fibre, high-quality Australian wool. It is important to me to provide special heirloom pieces for the most special people in our lives; our children.

I’m also proud to say that each item is crocheted lovingly by me. Having grown up in a household filled with my mother’s crocheted goodies, I had learnt early on how addictive crochet can be! As I hadn’t picked up a crochet hook in some years, there was practice, trial and error ahead of me before I was able to whip up items I am now proud to sell.

My two boys

My whole family is passionate about the work of the Cancer Council and the crocheted items I make to support them. From my patient mother who taught me to crochet, my beautiful sister in law who designed my logo and my wonderful partner who created this website, my fundraising is championed by those closest to my heart.

I hope you love these pieces as much as I love making them.

Rachel x