Before our dear Leo joined us, I spent hours, (and I do mean hours!), down the Instagram rabbit hole “researching” baby essentials. During my scrolling of #newbornbabyboy, I found myself falling in love with babies in bonnets. Little did I know at the time that babies in bonnets would become such a centrepiece in my life!

The classic pixie shaped bonnets from Yarn Republic caused me to say awwww every time I saw these sweet little bonnets warming a newborn’s head. When I began my crochet journey, I knew Steph’s patterns and bonnets were the items I just had to create!

Fast forward a year and I feel so privileged to have been selected to test Steph’s new pattern, the Perry Bobble bonnet. I had been eagerly watching progress on the Perry bonnet, voted in its name choice and crossed my fingers I may be lucky enough to test this pattern out.

So, the Perry Bobble bonnet. What did I think of it? Two words: bobble fever! I have watched many of my fellow crochet Instagrammers fall in love with the bobble, (check out Sandra of The Little Golden Nook for bobble heaven!), and now I know why.

When Steph put out the call for pattern tester applicants, my darling niece, Josephine May, was just 2 days old so I quickly applied for the newborn pattern tester position. I’d purchased some extra special and oh so luxurious wool for Miss Josie. Two balls had been crocheted into Bell and Shelby bonnets so it was meant to be that the last ball of gorgeous Patons Baby Dreamtime Merino should be whipped into a Yarn Republic bonnet.

The Perry Bobble bonnet is an ultra warm, dense bonnet adorned with popping, fluffy bobbles. Perry is a snug fitting bonnet with a sweet braid framing the face. The use of single crochet creates luxurious warmth as the closeness of the stitches fashions a seamless panel of bobbly goodness. If you’re looking for the thickest, most wintery bonnet in Steph’s line up, the Perry bonnet would be it.

The pattern itself is written with experienced detail you don’t find in just any crochet pattern. Steph has included captioned and referenced images for ease of following the pattern. A bobble count is added to the end of each row to ensure the crocheter can easily check their progress and a gauge is also added for sizing accuracy.

I give this pattern 5 out of 5 for being a beautiful pattern to follow and creating a superb finished product. Thank you, Steph for allowing me to test your stunning design. You really are a crochet queen!

Rachel x


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