Solid Granny Square blanket

Inspired by Bella Coco’s Abstract Blanket CAL, I completed a simplified version using Bella’s instructions to for the “Square 1 – Solid granny square pattern” to make a pram blanket for a friend’s baby girl.

Baby Joseph in his Elliot bonnet

In late Winter 2018, a beautiful customer approached me for crochet classes. Sophie had previously ordered an Elliot bonnet for her son, Joseph, and was keen to make him a blanket; a special heirloom from mother to son.

Beginner’s crochet class starter pack

Now it was Sophie’s turn to create a little blue version for Joseph. I created a beginner’s crochet booklet with step by step instructions for the basic stitches needed to whip up a granny square blanket and provided a starter pack complete with materials required, including wool, crochet hook and darning needle.

Learning the basics of granny squares

The biggest challenge for all anyone learning to crochet is achieving the correct tension. This is a particular problem if you’re creating a clothing item like a bonnet or vest where your tension effects the size of the item. If your stitches are too loose, the bonnet will be too big and if your stitches are too tight then the bonnet is too small. This is why I believe granny squares are a great place to start as you can practice tension without effecting the fit – blankets come in all shapes and sizes and there is no wrong!

Over the course of five Sunday mornings, Sophie’s crochet skills went from strength to strength. With much patience, practice and perseverance, Sophie mastered crochet and had completed a beautiful 100% woollen blanket for Joseph to snuggle up under over the cooler months. Thank you, Sophie for reaching out and enquiring about crochet classes. I had such a fun and relaxing time sharing my favourite hobby with you. I couldn’t be more impressed by how quickly and passionately this talented student took up crochet. Well done, Sophie!

If you’d like to make your own Solid Granny Square blanket, you can head to Bella Coco’s website for written instructions or follow her video tutorial on YouTube.

Thank you for reading and happy crocheting 🙂

Rachel x


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